Pawan Davuluri becomes the Chief of Microsoft Windows, has graduated from IIT Madras

Pawan Davuluri becomes the Chief of Microsoft Windows, has graduated from IIT Madras

Microsoft Windows New Chief:  Pawan Davuluri, who studied from IIT Madras, has been given new responsibility in Microsoft. Pawan Davuluri has been made the head of Windows and Surface of Microsoft. Earlier this responsibility was with Panos Panay. Panos Panoy left the post of Microsoft Windows last year to join Amazon. Now Pawan will handle the responsibility of Surface along with Windows. 

After joining Amazon, Microsoft handed over Windows and Surface groups to two different heads. According to the information, Pawan Davuluri has graduated from IIT Madras. According to India Today report, Pawan has been working with Microsoft for the last 23 years. After graduation from here, Pawan Davuluri did post graduation from Maryland University, after which he joined Microsoft. It is being told that Davuluri will now report to Rajesh Jha in the company.

This is how information was received about Pawan Davuluri's post

Actually, information about Pawan Davuluri's post has been received from the internal letter of Rajesh Jha, who holds the post of Microsoft's Head and Experience and Devices. While giving information about Pawan Davuluri in the internal letter, it has been said that the company has decided to appoint Pawan Davuluri in Microsoft.

The mail said that with Pawan Davuluri taking over, we will be able to take a holistic approach to building Windows clients and cloud tools for the new AI era. Davuluri will head this team and report to me. Apart from this, Shilpa Ranganathan and Jeff Johnson and their teams will report directly to Pawan. The Windows team will continue to work closely with AI, Silicon, and the Microsoft AI team. 

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