OpenAI CEO Sam Altman uses this application the most, ChatGPT is not the answer

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman uses this application the most, ChatGPT is not the answer

Sam Altman, who launched Chat GPT, hosted by Bill Gates "Unconfuse Me" Told about his mobile habit in the podcast show. He told that he uses the company's Chat GPT app very less. Sam Altman uses Slack application the most. He told that he uses this messaging app for work etc. and uses it more than email. That is, Sam uses this app a lot during the day. 

After Slack, Sam uses this app more 

In podcast shows. Sam told Bill Gates that after Slack, he uses Apple's iMessage the most. Along with this, he told that in Open AI, team members use Google Meet more than Microsoft Teams and through this, team meetings etc. are conducted. Let us tell you, Microsoft has also invested in Open AI. Despite this, employees use Google's applications 

Bill Gates likes this app 

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates said in the show Told that his most used application is Outlook. Outlook is Microsoft's email app. Bill Gates said that he likes to talk in the old school way and he rarely uses messaging apps. Apart from phone habit, AI was also discussed in this show. Both expressed concern about the misuse of AI and also talked about Sam's departure from the company and then his return. Open AI has launched GPTs Store some time ago. Here developers can create and upload their own chatbot. In the coming time, the company is also going to bring a monetization program for this.

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