Now watching reels with friends will be fun, this upcoming feature of Instagram is very special

Now watching reels with friends will be fun, this upcoming feature of Instagram is very special

Instagram Blend Feature: You will soon see a new feature on Instagram. The name of this feature is Blend, in which you can make the experience of sharing reels with friends easy and fun. Right now this feature is being tested. In this feature, users and their friends can leave the blend anytime and it is going to remain completely private. However, information about when this feature will be available to users has not been given yet. 

This feature came to light when reverse engineer Alessandro Paluzzi shared a post about it on social media. Paluzzi gave this information by posting on social media platform X (formerly Twitter) and also shared a screenshot. In this feature, a special feed will be created by combining the reels, which you have shared with your friends or which you and your friend like to watch.

is working on Blend: #Reels recommendations based on reels you've shared each other and your reels interests 👀

ℹ️ Private between the two of you. You can leave a Blend at any time.

— Alessandro Paluzzi (@alex193a) March 28, 2024

How the Blend feature works 
If you include any of your friends in the Blend feature, then Instagram will take full care of the preferences of both of you and will create a special list of reels according to you. Will make. The best example you have for this feature is Spotify's Blend feature. What happens in Spotify is that any two people can create a playlist by mixing their favorite songs. 

This feature will remain personal between you and your friend and you will be able to leave the blend at any time. Instagram has not yet given any specific information about the feature as to when this update will come. One thing is certain that after the introduction of this feature, the experience of watching Instagram reels with friends is going to be a lot of fun. 

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