Now classes will be held for those making deepfake videos, government is preparing to regulate AI

Now classes will be held for those making deepfake videos, government is preparing to regulate AI

Deepfake Technology: You must have heard a lot about deepfake technology these days. Actually, this is a technology in which with the help of Artificial Intelligence, a fake form of any human being can be created, which looks almost like a real human being in terms of looks, speech, hearing and gestures. Many cyber criminals around the world are committing fraud by misusing this dangerous technology.

Government's plan against deepfakes

In India too, this technology has targeted many big people, including actress Rashmika Mandhana, Sachin Tendulkar and Virat Kohli. By creating fake images of all these people, the videos are made viral on social media, so that common people can be cheated in their name. Because of this, along with the big tech companies around the world, governments have also started taking this problem seriously. The Indian government is also very worried about the misuse of deepfake technology, and is preparing an action plan for it.

The Indian government is preparing to regulate AI. For this, the government is making a framework, the draft of which can be presented by June-July. Union Minister of State for Electronics and IT Rajiv Chandrashekhar gave this information during an event organized in New Delhi. He told that "The government is preparing a framework through which Artificial Intelligence will be regulated. He said that AI is very beneficial for economic growth, but there is a strong need to stop its misuse."

What did the Union Minister say?

Union Minister Rajiv Chandrashekhar said that "We have to use Artificial Intelligence for the economic development of the country and to solve the problems of possible losses or disasters that may occur in the country." Let us tell you that earlier the government had also instructed social media platforms that no deepfake video or rumor of any kind should be spread on their platforms.

Apart from this, the Union Minister, through his official"text-align: justify;">Let us tell you that Meta and MCA have jointly decided to release a WhatsApp helpline number, through which users will be able to report about any false video or rumor like deepfake and after that the MCA team will investigate that report and take action. Will take. 

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