Microsoft Copilot Pro now available for all users, know 5 special benefits including price

Microsoft Copilot Pro now available for all users, know 5 special benefits including price

Microsoft Copilot Pro:Microsoft introduced Copilot Pro for the first time in the month of January this year. This is Microsoft's most powerful generator AI-based assistant, which was launched only for select users in January, but now after about two months, Microsoft has started making Copilot Pro available to all users globally. . Announcing this through one of its blog posts, the company wrote that Copilot Pro will now be available in all the 222 countries where Copilot is available.

Benefits of Microsoft CoPilot Pro

Microsoft CoPilot Pro provides CoPilot access to apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. Apart from providing fast and accurate results, it also provides access to DALL-E 3 to create stunning pictures. Apart from this, it also provides users access to GPT-4 and GPT-4 Turbo models.

Additionally, Copilot Pro also provides access to Microsoft Copilot GPT Builder, which allows users to create personalized Copilot. This personalized copilot helps users in different tasks based on their interests. 

5 special features of Microsoft Copilot Pro

  • Microsoft Copilot Pro has now been made available in 222 markets around the world.
  • One month free trial is being offered to new subscribers.
  • Copilot Pro can also be used in Office web apps without a separate Microsoft 365 subscription.
  • Copilot Pro is coming to Office mobile apps soon.
  • India Copilot Pro subscription is priced at Rs 2,000 per month.

Many benefits will be available in the subscription pack

Apart from this, the company has also announced several benefits that users will get on purchasing the subscription pack of Copilot Pro. The company said that it is making Copilot a part of the Copilot Pro subscription in the free Microsoft 365 web apps without any additional Microsoft 365 subscription. In simple words, Copilot Pro is giving its users access to Copilot in other apps like Word, Outlook on desktop without any extra cost.

The company is planning to provide these benefits in mobile apps also. The company has said that users who have not subscribed to Copilot Pro will need a Microsoft 365 Personal or Family subscription to get access to Copilot in the desktop app for PC and Mac.

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