Image of iPhone 16 Series leaked, will get a big screen with an action button

Image of iPhone 16 Series leaked, will get a big screen with an action button

iPhone 16: If you use iPhone, or like Apple devices, then you will definitely be waiting for the next series of iPhone i.e. iPhone 16. People who like iPhone often wait for the upcoming iPhone series and are also curious to know about it. Let us tell you about the next series of iPhone i.e. iPhone 16.

Special features of iPhone 16 series

Apple launched its new iPhone 15 series last year i.e. in September 2023, like every year. Now maintaining its tradition, Apple can launch the iPhone 16 series this year also in September 2024. There is a lot of discussion about this phone series. Many updates have come out about iPhone 16 in the last several months. In this sequence, another new update has come.

Expected to have a bigger screen

Actually, Android Authority has said in one of its reports that Majin Bu has shared some pictures of Apple's upcoming iPhone series on China's social media platform Weibo. After looking at these pictures, it seems that the display size of iPhone 16 Pro will be larger than the display size of iPhone 15 Pro, which was launched in September 2023. According to the report, a 6.3-inch screen can be given in the iPhone 16 Pro, whereas a 6.1-inch screen was given in the iPhone 15 Pro.

Base models will be upgraded

However, it has been said in this report that there will be no change in the display size of iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Plus. The screen size of both these iPhone models can be the same as iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus. Apart from this, silent slider was given in both these iPhones of iPhone 15 series, but action button can be given in both these base model phones of iPhone 16 series, which is currently given in iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max.< /p>

Camera layout may change

Looking at some leaked images of the iPhone 16 series, it seems that the camera module shape of Apple's iPhone series may change after many years. For the last several years, we get a square shaped module on the top left corner of the back of every iPhone launched, but this time Apple can provide a vertical camera module. Its design may be similar to the iPhone Apart from this, users can get many special camera features like Spatial Video recording in the camera of this time's iPhone 16 series.

Expected to get a new button in iPhone 16

In iPhone 16, users can also get a special capture button, which will be just below the power button. Through this button, users will be able to take photos in one click. Through this button, users will also be able to focus and zoom the photo. However, no official information has been revealed about it yet. 

Launch date and price of iPhone 16

The company has not yet provided any information regarding the launch date of the iPhone 16 series, but it seems that like every year, the company can launch its new iPhone series in September this year too. According to leaked reports, this time the price of iPhone 16 series can start from Rs 75,999 and the company can launch it in many color variants.

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