Earlier Google’s apps were not able to be un-installed, but now they will be able to do it… now these changes have happened!

Google Apps: Google has announced several major changes to its Android platform. However, these changes will be only for Indian users. Google is going to make this change after the decision of the Supreme Court, in which the CCI (Competition Commission of India) issued instructions regarding the impact of the company’s market position and the growth of other companies due to the Android system. After the guidelines of the Supreme Court, now the tech company Google will have to make these changes in its Android system. Now you will be able to uninstall Google’s pre-installed apps from your smartphone. Google itself has told about this through a blog post.

Google was fined Rs 936.44
The Competition Commission of India (CCI) had imposed a fine on Google. The fine was also not in lakhs but in crores. The total cost of the fine was Rs 936.44. Now after the decision of the Supreme Court, Google told through its blog post that we take seriously the guidelines of following local laws and regulations in India. The recent Competition Commission of India (CCI) guidelines for Android and Google Play require us to make significant changes to Android in India, and we have informed CCI how we will comply with their directions.

These historical changes have taken place
This new change of Google is going to benefit crores of Android users in the country. To explain it in a very simple language, after this decision of Google, companies making Android smartphones will have to take a license to pre-install Google’s apps in their devices. However, till now Google’s apps like YouTube, Play Store, YouTube Music, Photos, Gmail etc. came pre-installed in all Android devices and users could not even uninstall them. Not only this, Google’s search engine used to be the default for Android users. With the new announcement, users can now choose the search engine of their choice as the default on their phones.

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