Company launches new feature for YouTube creators, will be able to earn more money

Company launches new feature for YouTube creators, will be able to earn more money

YouTube New Feature: The company has added a new feature on Google's video streaming platform YouTube for podcast creators. Under this, creators will now be able to easily upload their podcasts. Actually, the company is giving a new option to share podcast videos inside YouTube Studio, under which creators will be able to share it on YouTube as well as YouTube Music. Podcasters can also take advantage of the podcast option on the YouTube Music homepage.

Users will be able to listen to podcasts on YouTube Music on-demand, offline and in the background. With this, creators will get more money from ads and subscriptions and their income will increase.

You can also earn money on YouTube in this way 

There is not just one way to earn money on YouTube, but the company gives many options to creators which include fan funding or Super Chat during live streams. The company said that by December 2022, the number of channels earning money through fan funding has increased by 10% compared to last year and most of the earnings of these channels are through fan funding. Its creators can also earn good money from brand promotion, deals etc. How much you earn from your YouTube channel depends on the ads running on your channel.

Brand Content 
Some time ago, YouTube has also started Brand Content which is currently available with some creators and advertisers in India. Under brand content, the company works to easily connect the two so that smooth working is promoted. From here, creators and advertisers can easily connect with each other and the company can find the right creator for its product.

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