Auto-update feature comes in WhatsApp, now there will be no need to go to Google Play Store

Auto-update feature comes in WhatsApp, now there will be no need to go to Google Play Store

WhatsApp Update: There is always some new feature being introduced in WhatsApp. Meta always keeps introducing some updates for its world's most popular messaging platform, so that users always remain attracted towards its app. However, many users are not aware of the upcoming updates on WhatsApp, and they keep using the old version for a long time. 

Till now, to know the latest update of WhatsApp, users had to go to Google Play Store and check the status of WhatsApp app, but now this will not happen. Now users will get the update option in the settings within WhatsApp itself. According to a latest report by WABetainfo, a website that provides information about new features coming to WhatsApp, WhatsApp has rolled out a new beta version for Android users through Google Play Beta Program. With this new beta version update, WhatsApp is launching auto-app update feature in its app. 

New feature in WhatsApp

According to this report, the name of the new feature of WhatsApp is App Updates. This feature is currently in rolling out states. Through this feature, users will get notification of the latest update of the app and the option of auto-update within the settings of WhatsApp itself. Because of this, users will not need to go to Google Play Store to find the new update of WhatsApp.

Whatsapp has currently rolled out this update only for selected beta users. Beta users test the latest features of WhatsApp, and give feedback to the company if there are any bugs or deficiencies in it. After fixing the shortcomings, the company gradually rolls out the latest updates for general users as well. 

WhatsApp will be updated automatically

According to the report, in the coming few weeks, other WhatsApp users around the world will also start getting the benefits of this update. A latest screenshot of this update of WhatsApp has also been attached in the report of WABetainfo, in which it can be seen that a new option of App Update Settings is visible inside the settings of WhatsApp.

As you can see in this screenshot, a new option is available within the app settings to some beta testers. It allows them to use Auto-update WhatsApp and get notifications of WhatsApp updates available.#WhatsApp #WhatsAppUpdate

Image & Info: WABetainfo

— Devesh Jha (@Deveshjhaa) January 14, 2024

After turning on its toggle, every latest update of WhatsApp will automatically update WhatsApp in WiFi connection. The second option in this settings is of notifications. After turning on this toggle, users will get notifications as soon as the latest update comes in WhatsApp, and they will know that any new feature has come in WhatsApp.

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