The cost of Chandrayaan 3 is less than the budget of Adipurush, Barbie and this movie, understand the math

The cost of Chandrayaan 3 is less than the budget of Adipurush, Barbie and this movie, understand the math

India has finally set foot on the moon’s land today. The cost of the success of this Chandrayaan-3 mission is just Rs 615 crore. But perhaps you will be surprised to know that the cost of this mission is less than the cost of three recently released movies- Barbie, Oppenheimer, Adipurush movie. Indian scientists have hoisted the flag of great success in a low budget. Let it be noted, ISRO’s groundbreaking mission cost much less than Russia’s failed Luna 25 (estimated at over $200 million or Rs 1,600 crore). 

Chandrayaan cheaper than Adipurush’s cost- Mission 3

As per reports, the film is cheaper than Adipurush (Budget: Rs 700 crore), and if the amount is converted into US dollars ($75 million) it will open at the international box office today It is also cheaper than the two reigning Hollywood films – Greta Gerwig’s ‘Barbie’ ($145 million) and Christopher Nolan’s ‘Oppenheimer’ ($100 million). In fact, Nolan’s 2013 space film, ‘Interstellar’, which is set in the future and featured an Indian solar-powered drone among other cool machines, cost $165 million to make, reports IANS. she came. Note here that the budget is not inflation-adjusted.

Cheaper than the average listed price of a Boeing aircraft 

The news says that space travel On the subject of film inspired by, it is pertinent to remember that Ridley Scott’s Matt Damon-starrer ‘The Martian’ (2015) was made for $106 million. The Chandrayaan-3 mission is cheaper than the average listed price of any Boeing aircraft for which Air India has placed orders recently. The orders are the 737 MAX ($128.25 million), the 787-9 ($292.50 million) and the 777.9 ($442.20 million).

Stunning comparison

Air-India has ordered 220 of these aircraft and if we look at the prices of the 250 Airbus aircraft for which the deal has been fixed, the Chandrayaan-3 mission is also cheaper. The cost per Airbus 320neo is $110.60 million; Chandrayaan-3 cost less than the Airbus 321neo ($129.50 million), and less than a quarter of the cost of the A350-1000 ($366.50 million) and A350-900 ($317.40 million). 

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