WhatsApp brings flash call feature, there will be no OTP hassle

WhatsApp has introduced two new safety features for India. Their name is Flash Call and Message Level Reporting. The flash call feature will come in handy during the registration process on the app, where it will be present in addition to the SMS verification option. WhatsApp says that both these features have been introduced to keep the user’s experience secure. It is worth noting that in addition to end-to-end encryption, WhatsApp also offers many security features such as blocking contacts, control over what to share with whom, disappearing messages and locking apps with the help of Touch ID or Face ID. .

As part of its efforts to make the app more secure, WhatsApp has introduced flash call and message level reporting features. With the help of Flash Call service, users can verify their phone number through auto call while setting up WhatsApp on new phone or re-installing WhatsApp on old phone. That is, people will no longer have to wait for OTP to come during SMS verification. This feature is currently available only for Android users and allows WhatsApp to verify the number by calling the phone. WhatsApp claims that this is a more secure option, because everything in it happens inside the app.

Whereas, WhatsApp users can now report WhatsApp accounts by marking a specific message. For this, after pressing that particular message for a while, the option of reporting the user or blocking it can be achieved. In its latest transparency report, WhatsApp says it banned more than 2.2 million accounts in September.

Talking about other safety features introduced by WhatsApp, the user has control over who can see their profile pic and who cannot. Similarly, Last Seen, About and Status can also be controlled. That is, whomever you want, only you will be able to see your status, last seen. Users who want more security also get the option of two step verification. The company also introduced Disappearing Messages and View Once in the past. With their help, a photo and video disappears when the user sees it once.

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