Shreya Ghoshal: Famous singer who showed baby face for the first time: Congratulations fans! – singer shreya goshal instagram post goes viral

Not only as a singer but also as a beauty, she is popular among the fans of Tamil cinema Shreya Ghoshal. She recently announced on her social media page that she was happy to have a baby boy. Shreya Ghoshal shared a photo of her baby on her Instagram page several months later.

A. R. Shreya Ghoshal has sung four songs in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Nepali, Pakistani, Tulu, Bengali and Bhojpuri four times. He has also received an award.

In this situation, in 2015, he married his long time boyfriend friend Sheiladitya. The couple, who have been hailed by many in the world of cinema, have been married and childless for six years.
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The couple had a baby boy six months ago. Shreya, who has not shared a photo of her baby on any social networking site for so many months, is now sharing a photo of her baby on her Instagram page for the first time.

In this connection he wrote in his post, ‘My name is Devyan. I’m been six months old now. I am currently very busy listening to songs, reading books and laughing. I spend most of my time with my mom. He looks at me carefully. I need the love and blessings of all of you ‘, as his son speaks. Likes are accumulating for this post of his.

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