Yuvraj Singh: Yuvraj’s 6 sixes.. grew in me, turned me into steel: Stuart Broad

Yuvraj Singh: Yuvraj’s 6 sixes.. grew in me, turned me into steel: Stuart Broad

England fast bowler Stuart Brand has announced his retirement from international cricket. He revealed that the fifth Ashes Test will be the last match of his career. Broad said he made the decision on the second day of the final Test against the Aussies. Broad, who played 167 Tests in his long career, took 602 wickets. Broad is recognized as one of the best fast bowlers for England. But as soon as Broad is famous, Indian cricket fans will first remember the six sixes hit by Yuvraj Singh in his bowling.

As part of the 2007 T20 World Cup… Andrew Flintoff teased Yuvraj in the match between India and England. Yuvi, who was irritated by this, targeted the bowling of Stuart Broad and created a record of six sixes in a single over. Broad, who announced his retirement 16 years after the incident, mentioned UV hitting six sixes. After that match, Brad said that he became more competitive.

‘The day Yuvraj hit six sixes was tough for me. I must have been 21 or 22 years old then. Still I don’t have much experience of playing international cricket. He was not so focused then. He doesn’t do a lot of practice before the match. After the experience of giving six sixes to UV.. I focused on advance preparation. Started building my ‘warrior mod. It would have been better if that had not happened (if Yuvraj had not hit six sixes). But it suits me. The match was of little importance. If not.. I would have felt sad that I was eliminated from the World Cup. I became stronger after that experience. Now it has changed because of that incident. Ups and downs in career are natural. The career of players like Ben Stokes is also ups and downs. But he faced them effectively.

Ultimately what matters is the ability to bounce back from adversity. That ability is what can get us out of poor performance. A player has more bad days than good days in a 15-16 year career. So you have to own the ability to deal with them. Only then will we have a good day,’ Brad opined.

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