T20 WC 2021: ‘6’ sentiment played with 4 teams‌ ..! Defeat in the previous victory semis ..!

T20 cricket & zwnj; Very strange game! I do not know when to laugh and who to beat! Sentiments work in this game as well. ICC T20 World Cup 2021 is the latest example of that. ‘6’ Sentiment & zwnj; Four teams chased badly. Both teams initially showed the dots in the semis for the other two teams.

First India, and then Pakistan

this T20 World Cup. Cousin had never faced India against Pakistan before. Every time the victory goes to Team India. Our team has an amazing record against the opponent. Scrapped Pakistan five times in a row. Kohlisena suffered a humiliating defeat in the sixth match. Team India set a target of 152 for victory in 17.5 overs. Cracked without loss. However, the same ‘6’ sentiment & zwnj; Pak & zwnj; nu chased. The team has won five matches in a row in this tournament. But the sixth match was against Australia in the semis. Hopes of success until the end were suddenly dashed by Matthew & zwnj; Hat-trick & zwnj; Pak with sixes & zwnj; Disrupted.

First Windies & zwnj ;, Anaka England & zwnj;

Another group England & zwnj ;, West Indies & zwnj; This is the story! The Caribbean has a history of turning against the English before the tournament. The Windies have won the T20 World Cup five times. The match between the two of them in this tournament & zwnj; Arodi. Windies full of weird hitters & zwnj; 55K Alloutai suffered an unexpected humiliation. England & zwnj; Won five matches in a row in this tournament and topped the table. Against New Zealand in the sixth match of the semis. Here ‘6’ sentiment & zwnj; Mocked the English. England & zwnj; Jimmy Neesham scored 166 in the first over. The English succumbed to the blow. Exited the tournament.

5 wickets 6 balls

Strangely these two semi-finals were identical. The incision teams fell under intense pressure. The match finisher at Midfielder won those teams. With six balls to spare, they won by more than five wickets. Overall ‘6’ sentiment & zwnj; But the way the four teams chased hurt the fans!

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