Shaheen Afridi’s anger is expensive .. 10 runs for team India for a single ball

The Pakistan fast bowler became a hero in a single match. Pakistan will take on India in Dubai on Sunday night as part of the T20 World Cup. Rohit Sharma and KL Rahul had no answer to his in-swinger balls in the match. Virat Kohli was knocked over by Shaheen Afridi with a slow delivery. In the end, Pakistan won the match by 10 wickets. Shaheen Afridi won the Man of the Match award. Shaheen Afridi looked very aggressive on the field. Afridi bowled the 19th over of the innings .. Virat Kohli dismissed for the fourth ball. The sixth ball was then thrown in the form of a high full toss. Hardik Pandya moved the ball to the boundary. At the same time, Shaheen Afridi was outraged when the ball was declared umpire by the field umpire. Hardik Pandya then cleverly threw the free hit ball in the form of slow delivery. He failed to hit the ball. With that .. the ball went straight into the keeper’s hands .. Bhuvneshwar Kumar at the non-strike end called Hardik for a single. With that .. Hardick received the run. Hardik-Bhuvi duo singles keeper Rizwan .. The ball was handed over to fast bowler Shaheen Afridi. With that .. Afridi threw the ball very fast over the nonstrike end wickets to run out Hardik. But .. the ball missed the target .. went straight to the boundary towards Longan. With that .. India got five runs in the form of a bye. Overall, 10 runs in the form of N4 and B5 were added to the final ball. BCCI Secretary Jaisha and Bollywood hero Akshay Kumar were seen cheering with Indian fans at the stadium. Pakistan captain Babur Azam, on the other hand, looked at Shaheen Afridi seriously.

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