‘Now we have to change this habit’, Captain Babur made a special request to the team after winning the match


  • Pakistan won the match against India under the captaincy of Babur Azam.
  • After the win, Captain Babar Azam gave a speech to the team in the dressing room.
  • The captain said, “Enjoy, but don’t get too excited.”

New Delhi / Dubai: A thrilling encounter between India and Pakistan took place on Sunday, October 24. In this match played in Dubai, Pakistan defeated Team India. So far in the World Cup, Pakistan has always faced defeat against India, but yesterday they broke the record and won. After the historic win against Team India, Pakistan captain Babur Azam not only congratulated the team but also gave advice.

Captain Babar Azam is worried that this victory will not disturb the focus of the team and will not deviate from the main goal i.e. the mission of the World Cup trophy. Babar Azam gave a speech to the team in the dressing room. The video has been shared on YouTube by the Pakistan Cricket Board. It can be seen in the video that Babur Azam is telling the team, we will enjoy, we will definitely do but we don’t need to get too excited. We have played as a team and will continue to do so.

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Babur Azam told the team, “Let’s enjoy now, go to the hotel and enjoy with the family, but don’t just keep on celebrating.” Our main goal is to win the World Cup team. It’s not like we’re just celebrating. We need to change this habit. We have to do well in the next match. So my request to you is that there is no need for over-excitement after winning this match. We have to start preparations for the next match as soon as possible. Expectations are high after this match, so you have to work harder.

“We need to reflect,” said Pakistan’s interim coach Saknel Mushtaq. Today we need to think about what we did to win the match in this estimate. We need to work on our weaknesses. Feelings of victory must be kept under control. It is to be mentioned that Pakistan has lost to India 12 times in a row in the World Cup. People in Pakistan took to the roads and there was much celebration. Fireworks were also set off.

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The Prime Minister of Pakistan and captain of the 1992 World Cup winning team, Imran Khan, also tweeted congratulations. “Congratulations to the Pakistan team and especially to Babur Azam, who led the team in this way,” he wrote. Rizwan and Shaheen Shah Afridi also performed brilliantly. The country is proud of you.


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