India-Pak match ticket is Rs. 57 lakhs.. Fans are slandering BCCI

India-Pak match ticket is Rs. 57 lakhs.. Fans are slandering BCCI
The most watched match in world cricket is the India-Pakistan match. Fans are waiting with a thousand eyes if there is a fight between the cousins ​​anywhere on the stage. Those who can go to the field and watch the match.. those who can’t plan well and stay glued to the TV without any work that day. Due to the lack of good relations between India and Pakistan, the two teams only face each other in tournaments like ICC tournaments and Asia Cup.

Especially in a mega tournament like the ODI World Cup, fans are interested in watching the match between India and Pakistan. While the ODI World Cup will start from October 5, the date of October 14 will be decided by both the teams. After the 2019 ODI World Cup, fans are more interested to watch the match live as this mega tournament is going to be a clash of cousins.

Most of the spectators want to watch this match live. That is why Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad, which has the highest seating capacity in the country, was chosen as the venue. More than one lakh fans can watch the match at the same time. That is why it was decided to hold the match between India and Pakistan in this stadium.

But for the fans who want to watch the matches live.. the game is seen on the field. Due to the craze for the match, the ticket prices are sky high. The maximum price per ticket is Rs. 57 lakhs is also said.

Actually, BCCI has officially put the tickets on sale for this match on BookMy Show on August 29 and September 3. Within an hour of opening the booking, it appeared that it was “sold out”. Secondary markets are cashing in on this. In this order, Viagogo, an online sports ticket exchange and resale website, sets the prices and sells them as they like.

According to Viagogo, each ticket for the India-Pak match was sold for Rs. Upper tier ticket rates in the stadium are Rs. 57 lakhs is showing. The price of some other tickets is shown as Rs.45 lakhs. Majority of the tickets are seen on the website for Rs.1 lakh and above. The prices are Rs.18 lakhs, Rs.19 lakhs, Rs.21 lakhs and Rs.22 lakhs.

India-Australia match tickets on Viagogo are also showing prices above Rs 4 lakh. The ticket prices for the match against England are over Rs.2.3 lakh. The netizens are angry that the ticket prices are in this range.

Netizens are criticizing BCCI on ticket rates. Why do you call it online ticket sales and sell the entire block? Is it wrong for the middle class to want to watch cricket matches? They are asking.

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