Hasan Ali apologizes to Pakistan fans


  • Hasan Ali apologizes to Pakistan fans
  • Ali misses Matthew Wade’s catch in semis match
  • Australia won the match against Pakistan in the final
  • Hasan Ali criticizes fielding error

Pakistan senior cricketer Hasan Ali has apologized to the country’s fans. Hasan Ali missed the catch at the end of the recent T20 World Cup 2021 semi-final match against Australia. With that .. Pakistan team exited from T20 World Cup .. Hasan Ali fielding was the reason for Pakistan’s defeat. By the time Hasan Ali left the catch, Australia were in a position to make 20 off 10 balls. In the end, the Kangaroos won with 6 balls to spare.

Netizens have been critical of Hasan Ali’s fielding error, with former cricketers around the world trying to stand up to him. Attempts were made to correct that all of this was part of the game. But .. the fans blamed Hassan Ali as well as his wife of Indian descent. Former Pakistan fast bowler Wasim Akram has told netizens that he is sorry for the mistake Hasan Ali has already made.

Leaving the catch in the semis .. Hasan Ali has recently apologized for losing to Pakistan. ” All of you are very disappointed with my performance. True .. I did not live up to your expectations. But .. I will not disappoint you like this anymore. Don’t even change the expectations on me. I will play for Pakistan as long as I can. I will work harder for it. It just happened … it makes me even stronger, “said Hassan Ali.


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