Dhoni was asked, will you play in IPL next year? Months started counting in Mahi fingers

Whenever IPL 2022 is mentioned. One question swirls in the mind of all the fans. The question is whether Dhoni will be seen in action next year. Question whether Mahi will do wonders in the yellow jersey. And the question whether he will play the next season of IPL. Once again the same question was facing him. When this question was asked to him during an event in Chennai, know what was the reaction of ‘Thala Dhoni’.

‘There’s a lot of time to think
Mahi, who was engrossed in his fun, casually avoided the question as if he used to deal with pressure situations during the match. Dhoni said that there is still a lot of time for IPL 2022 to start. The tournament will be played in April and is currently underway in November. I have to think over it. I don’t want to take any decision in a hurry.

‘I am not the team’
At the same time, he was also worried about Chennai Super Kings. Said the well being of CSK is our priority. It doesn’t matter what role I will play. What is important is to build a core team that will be with the franchise for the next 10 years. The team should not get into trouble due to any reason, its performance should not be affected.

CSK is a four-time champion

In 2021, Chennai won the IPL title for the fourth time in Dubai under Dhoni’s leadership, before Dhoni had said that he has not yet decided whether he fits into the team’s plan or not. He had said after the victory of the final against Kolkata Knight Riders, ‘I had said earlier also that it depends on the BCCI (Indian Cricket Board). Two new teams are coming in and we have to see if Chennai is right for Super Kings.


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