‘Bhai-Bhai’ on Afghanistan, tweet setting India on fire on Shami, crop off the field. Playing Dirty Game?


  • One more picture came up after the Pakistan-Afghanistan match on Friday
  • The wrong attempt was made to make room in the heart of Afghanistan
  • This is being done with understanding in mind and there is no mind game behind it, right?

New Delhi: What a different kind of mind game is being played off the field against India from Pakistan in T-20 World Cup! If you look at a few things off the field during the India-Pakistan match and the Pakistan-Afghanistan match on Friday, October 29, these doubts will often deepen.

Some hateful comments against Shami have come from Pakistani users. Pakistan then won the match against Afghanistan, but every possible effort is being made by Pakistan to show that Afghanistan has not lost. It was a friendly match between the brothers. Imran Khan himself has tried to convey this message by tweeting. Is this being done with understanding and there is no mind game behind it?
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India lost the match against Pakistan. Then came a nice picture. Captain Virat Kohli met Mohammad Rizwan after the match, showing an example of sportsmanship. Pakistan’s young players were also seen chanting the match with Dhoni’s honor.

One more picture came up after the Pakistan-Afghanistan match on Friday. The match was won by Pakistan and Pakistan cricketers also showed good sportsmanship and congratulated Afghanistan. Was. Now reactions to these two pictures were seen on Twitter from Pakistan. After the match, an attempt was made to destabilize India, calling Pakistan’s victory a victory for Islam.

This love-filled image of Virat-Rizwan was lost somewhere in a storm of hatred from Pakistan. Now look at the comments on these kind of pics. He was shown the face of a real brother. The wrong attempt was made to make room in the heart of Afghanistan. Here, Pakistan pacer Harris Rauf is embracing Afghanistan spinner Rashid Khan.

Now watch a video shared from Pakistani users. The video claims that Afghan students studying there during the match against Pakistan are fearlessly supporting their team. If they were in India they would be beaten. In India, the alleged video hints that some people exploded and celebrated during Pakistan’s victory.

Even if this video is considered to be true, is it true that the celebration of our team’s defeat is true? If firecrackers explode in Balochistan over Pakistan’s defeat at the hands of India, will Pakistan share this moment with this passion and pride? One thing to note here is, what is wrong with the celebration of the video of Afghan students being shared from Pakistan? On foreign soil, everyone supports their own team. That shouldn’t matter. But the video was removed from the whole affair and used as a tool to bake Pakistani bread in Afghanistan. Every effort was made to portray India as the enemy of Afghanistan.

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Pakistani journalists were also seen coloring politics on the issue. A Pakistani journalist asked a similar question to Afghanistan captain Mohammad Nabi after the match on Friday. The reporter asked what effect the change of power in Afghanistan has had on your game.

With this, he asked, “Pakistan has good relations with the government, so what will be the benefit to Afghanistan cricket?” Responding to this, Nabi Bindast said that he would not give any answer other than cricket. When asked a second time by the reporter, Nabi clarified that there is no question related to cricket and matches so he will not answer it. He then left the press conference.

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