Ambiguity on IPL 2022 Retention Rules .. Four for 8 teams, three for 2 teams


  • IPL 2022 season with ten teams
  • Mega auction in November this year
  • Chance to retain only four players
  • Three players for new teams .. One of them is a foreign cricketer

The IPL 2022 season is going to be the newest. With two new teams entering the tournament, the IPL will be held next year with a total of 10 teams. To this end, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) will host the IPL 2022 season mega auction in November. However .. How many players will the old teams be allowed to retain? Also how many players can new teams hire before the auction? Inkla is not getting full clarity on that.

According to the news that has come out so far, the old teams in the IPL are going to be given the opportunity to retain four players before the auction. This includes three Indian cricketers, one foreign cricketer or two Indian cricketers, and two foreign cricketers. New teams can select three players before the auction, two Indian cricketers and one foreign cricketer. However .. Do you want to select the players who came to the auction ..? Or can those three be selected from the list of players left by the teams? There is no clarity on that.

In 2018, each team will be allowed to spend a maximum of Rs 80 crore in the auction. This time the amount is likely to increase to Rs 90 crore. However .. How much of this Rs 90 crore should be spent for retain ..? The BCCI has not commented on that. The franchises have spent a maximum of Rs 33 crore on players retiring in 2018. New teams from Ahmedabad and Lucknow are coming into the IPL. CVC Capital Partners will acquire Ahmedabad for Rs 5,625 crore, while Lucknow will be acquired by RPSG Group for Rs 7,090 crore.


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