Dispute over the order of Diwali fireworks ban in Jhunjhunu, the collector had to change the order after protest

Keeping in mind the corona in Rajasthan, where this year also the matter of banning firecrackers by the state government has been covered on social media. At the same time, in Jhunjhunu district of the state, there has been a ruckus on an order issued by the Collector in this regard. In fact, during the order issued by Jhunjhunu District Collector Umardeen Khan regarding the ban on firecrackers, an order to implement Section 144 was issued in the city. After the order of the collector to impose section 144 with the ban of firecrackers, when it was opposed by the people, now a revised order has been issued by the collector Umardeen. Section 144 prohibitory orders have been removed in the amended order.

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Here is the revised order
It is noteworthy that in the earlier order where section 144 was said to be applicable. At the same time, in the new order, a complete ban has been imposed on the use of firecrackers within a radius of 500 meters of places like petrol pumps, gas godowns. At the same time, according to the guidelines of the state government, the use of green crackers has been allowed. There is a ban on the display of weapons.

What is section 144
Legal experts say that a provision has been made in Section-144 of CrPC that the District Magistrate issues the notification. Under this, a provision has been made that 5 or more people cannot gather in the area where prohibitory orders are imposed. If they do so, they can be arrested. Supreme Court lawyer D.B. According to Goswami, this is a prohibitory order. Section-144 can be imposed in a particular district, police station or tehsil. In the area where Section-144 is imposed, there cannot be a gathering of 5 or more people. Also, the carrying of weapons is also prohibited. This stream is used to maintain peace. This section can be imposed whenever the administrative officer suspects that peace and order in the area may be affected. The police arrest the violator under section-107/151. After arrest, he is produced before the SDM or ACP of the area.

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Collector is being trolled on social media
It is noteworthy that even after the revised order has been issued again by the District Collector, he is being trolled on social media. On social media, users are advising the collector to respect Hindu customs and festivals.


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