Amit Shah’s attack on Akhilesh, said- Let me remind you, it was the SP who opened fire on the devotees of Ram

Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Friday launched the party’s membership drive in Lucknow and targeted the opposition parties, especially the Samajwadi Party. He said, ‘This Akhilesh and company used to taunt us that the temple will be built there – they will not tell the date, but now they have laid the foundation of the temple. You missed even giving five thousand rupees, Akhilesh Babu. Encouraging the workers, he said, “You bless Prime Minister Narendra Modi, if you vote, he returns three times.” No one had imagined that a Ram temple would be built in Ayodhya, but Modi laid the foundation stone. We will build Ram Lalla’s temple there. Shah said, ‘I have come to remind you that your party (SP) had a government. Who had roasted Ram devotees with bullets. This is the difference between family parties and BJP. BJP’s promise was that Article 370 will be removed from Kashmir and for this our first President Shyama Prasad Mookerjee sacrificed on the soil of Kashmir. Every time we put it in the manifesto and think when it will be completed. We got absolute majority in 2019 and we uprooted Article 370 and 35A. The Mukut Mani of Bharat Mata is today forever associated with India and has become an integral part of India. Shah also attacked Gandhi and Vadra family along with SP and BSP. Targeting the Congress, he said that the Gandhi-Vadra family should listen, for this I have come with an account. There are some who come out like election frogs at the time of elections. Attacking the opposition parties, Shah said, “The SP-BSP game went on for many years in UP and this game ruined Uttar Pradesh. Migration started from Kairana in western UP and here in Lucknow, the rulers could not sleep. Today I have come to say that today no one has the courage to make a migration, because those who migrated have already fled. He said that before 2017 there was bad law and order situation in UP in the SP-BSP game. Seeing that made my blood boil. Today if I look with binoculars, I do not see any Bahubali anywhere. Shah said that 86 lakh BJP workers are engaged in this booth membership drive and the membership drive will start from today (Friday) till December. The Home Minister, claiming to have made an election manifesto by contacting the public for the assembly elections, told the workers, ‘This is BJP, which knows the words of the people, whatever you bring, will give it to the party, it will be Dharmendra Pradhan. (Election in-charge) and Swatantra Dev (State President) will compile and prepare a manifesto. He said, ‘No NGO makes manifesto here, they contact lakhs and crores of people and make a manifesto of their wish.’

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