Pune Vaccination: March will be early for 100 per cent vaccination in Pune

Pune Corona Vaccination: More than 50 lakh people have been vaccinated against corona in Pune city. Of this, 65 per cent citizens have been vaccinated free of cost. So 35 percent of people have paid for it. A senior official told the Times of India that the city of Pune could be 100 per cent vaccinated by March 2022. The senior official said that it is difficult to get 100 per cent vaccination in Pune city by the end of December. The 84-day duration of the second dose and the shortage of vaccines are the two main reasons why the city of Pune will have to wait till March 2022 for 100 per cent vaccination. In Pune, 19.21 lakh people between the ages of 18 and 44 have taken both doses of the corona vaccine. 44 lakh 69 thousand people have taken only one dose. That means 41 per cent of people in Pune have taken two doses of the vaccine. 8.69 lakh people over the age of 60 have taken both doses of the vaccine. 11 lakh 7 thousand people have taken one dose of the vaccine. & nbsp;

According to the health department, about 6 lakh Punekars have not received a single dose yet. The first dose is to be given by the end of October. In the next few days, the second dose may be completed by the end of January. Covishield vaccine is widely available, it is readily available. Those taking the first dose in early October will have a second dose by the end of the year. More than half of the population in Pune district has not yet been vaccinated. Assistant Director of Pune Health Department Dr. Sanjay Deshmukh said the second dose for those taking the first dose this month will be after 54 days. Vaccination of all those eligible for vaccination in Pune will have a period till March 2022. The second dose will be completed in the next few days for 50 percent of those eligible for vaccination. This number will be 42 lakhs. & Nbsp;

The Chief Executive Officer of Pune Zilla Parishad said that there are various reasons why both the doses of eligible citizens could not be completed by the end of December. 14 to 15 per cent of the population in the district is changing, so have the newcomers been vaccinated? This has to be checked. Some people in rural areas are reluctant to get vaccinated. Vaccinating them will be a big challenge for us. But we are working with social organizations and political leaders for that. Many will be vaccinated through them. Nearly three lakh citizens in the mansion and one lakh in Daund did not even take the first dose. Some people in the mansion have taken the first dose from Pune city. We are closely monitoring the immunization certificate of everyone in rural areas. In Daund we are taking some measures for vaccination, the vaccination of the remaining citizens will be completed as soon as possible. & nbsp;


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