Nawab Malik News: Yes, I am a junkie…


  • Nawab Malik targets BJP leader Mohit Kamboj
  • Malik said I will melt all the junk in the city
  • Malik said that there was never any income tax raid at my house.
  • Malik said that the junk person should not be considered as minor.

Maharashtra cabinet minister Nawab Malik has fiercely targeted BJP leader Mohit Kamboj during the press conference taken in Aryan Khan case on Friday. In fact, when journalists asked Malik this question that Mohit Kamboj has made a defamation claim of Rs 100 crore against AAP. On this Nawab Malik said that my status is not of 100 crores. Still, if Mohit Kamboj has done this, he has made me a person of Rs 100 crore.

Kamboj took a jibe at the junk business of the Malik family. So today Nawab Malik also vented his anger on Mohit Kamboj. He said that yes, my family and I do junk business. I am proud of my business. He said that I have been doing this work since the 16th year of age. My family is also involved in this work. I was associated with this business till I reached the assembly. But despite being a junkie, I never drowned the bullion market, there was never an income tax raid at my house. There was no charge against me.

Malik targets Kranti Redekar
Nawab Malik also alleged that Sameer Wankhede has acted in the Mumbai High Court to show no confidence in the Mumbai Police by filing a petition. Now he is afraid of his arrest. So he is going to the High Court. Nawab Malik also mentioned Kranti Redekar, wife of Sameer Wankhede. In which he has written a letter to Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray through Twitter. Nawab Malik said that in the letter, Kranti Redekar has appealed to Uddhav Thackeray for help, describing himself as a Marathi mulgi.

Maharashtra minister Nawab Malik surrounded Kranti Redekar and said that the efforts you are making to save yourself and your family by covering Marathi identity will not succeed. You should know that your husband is conspiring against the state in collusion with people who defame Maharashtra. Putting innocent people in jail, running a recovery racket. Despite all this, do you think that the Maharashtra government should help you?

Parrot is Wankhede
Nawab Malik also said that the way a jinn lives in a parrot, in the same way Sameer Wankhede is like a parrot and people with demonic thinking are supporting him, BJP is also supporting him. Is. They are afraid that if Sameer Wankhede goes to jail, then all his dark exploits will be exposed. In this way the business of extortion is running by Sameer Wankhede, it will be revealed. In view of all these things, now Sameer Wankhede and his supporters are demanding no arrest from the High Court and CBI investigation.

Nawab Malik targets BJP leader Mohit Kamboj


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