Pune Holi 2023 : Bura Na Mano Holi Hai! BJP-Nationalist MLAs clash together; Dattatraya Bharne and Bhimrao Tapkir threw colors at each other

Pune Holi 2023 :  Dhulwad across the state (holi) is celebrated with great enthusiasm. Dhulvad is being celebrated by many people partying with great jubilation. But the two MLAs of Pune, who are constantly accusing each other, celebrated Dhulvad directly during the morning walk. Throwing colors at each other leaving aside the party, politics.

Both had gone for a morning walk as usual on Pune’s Taljai hill. At that time both suddenly came in front of each other. After that, both of them and their workers celebrated Dhulwad. They teased each other and had fun keeping away from political debates. This video of both of them is currently going viral on social media. 

Datta Bharne is a NCP MLA and was also a minister during the Thackeray government. He is seen very active in the constituency for the past several days and also has good public relations and Bhimrao Tapkir is a BJP MLA. He was active in the promotion of the Kasbah. He also has a public relations skill. Both or parties of MLAs are accusing each other. Claims and counterclaims are made. But they have given a good message by celebrating Holi together during the festival.

Dhulwadi celebrations in various places in Pune

Rangotsava is being celebrated everywhere in Pune today. Dhulvad is being celebrated in many lawns and on many grounds. The Dhulwadi jubilation of the youth is worth watching. In many places, Russian women were also seen dancing in this color festival. Bhoi Pratishthan organizes Dhulwadi every year for disabled and disabled children, this year is its 27th year. In the Dhulwadi of this Bhoi Pratishthan, hundreds of youngsters beat the beat of the song.

Newly elected MLA Ravindra Dhangekar in jubilation

Ravindra Dhangekar, the new MLA of the town, also celebrated Dhulvad with great enthusiasm. He celebrated Rangotsav by throwing colors on the activists and his wife. Workers had gathered in front of his public relations office. At that time, he wished everyone Dhulwadi and thanked everyone. A few days ago, the result of Kasba was announced. Ravindra Dhangekar was elected with a large majority. After that, his workers had a big jubilation. Even today, the same jubilation can be seen in front of his office. 

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