Pune Accident News : Nagar-Kalyan highway danger! Fatal accident in Junnar; Five people died on the spot, two injured in Innova-Pickup collision

Pune Accident News :  For the last few days in Junnar (Pune Accident News) The accident session does not seem to stop. A terrible accident took place in Pune’s Junnar taluk. An Innova and a pickup car collided head-on near Malshej Ghat on Ahmednagar-Kalyan highway. Five passengers died on the spot while two passengers were seriously injured. This terrible accident took place on Monday (April 3) around nine in the night near Watkhal village. As the driver of the Innova lost control of the vehicle, it hit the pickup jeep coming in front. Identification of the deceased is underway. The Innova car was going from Kalyan to Alephat. So the pickup was going towards Kalyan.

At 9 pm near Watkhal village in Malshej Ghat area, a pick-up and an Innova collided head-on. Preliminary information is that the accident took place when the driver of the Innova car lost control of the vehicle. Due to this accident, there has been a lot of excitement in Junnar. Five people died on the spot, grief is being expressed. As soon as the information about this accident was received, the police had reached the spot. They have taken out the dead bodies stuck in the vehicle. The names of the deceased are yet to be revealed but the accident took place when the Innova car was traveling from Kalyan to Alephat.

Kalyan-Nagar Road Danger

Kalyan-Nagar road is becoming an accident road. A few days ago, there was an incident where the farm laborers who were going home to Parner after doing farm labor were crushed by a pick-up jeep. The accident took place on the Nagar Kalyan highway at Lavanwadi. Five people died in this incident. One of them died on the spot while four others died during treatment. It included two girls, two men and one woman. All the farm laborers had finished all the farming work and left for Parner. At that time, not one or two but eight people were crushed by a pick-up jeep in the dark. Due to this accident, there was a traffic jam in the area for some time.

Accident Session Stopping

Pune district is constantly increasing the number of accidents. Incidents of accidents are coming to the fore every day. Many lives are lost in it. Therefore, efforts are being made by the administration at all levels to prevent accidents. Many measures are being implemented. But the number of accidents is increasing continuously. 

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