Nashik Savitribai Phule: Ignoring Savitri’s Lekki, School Girls Are Getting One Rupee Every Day Since 30 Years

Nashik Savitribai Fule : The school education department decided in 1992 to provide an attendance allowance of Rs. As no government has changed it even after 30 years, girls still have to settle for one rupee. 

Education is the tiger’s milk, so every girl in the family should also learn, to avoid dropping out of school halfway, to increase the percentage of girls in education, to get a good response to ‘Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao’, to reduce the incidence of child marriage, to burden parents with girls’ education expenses. For this purpose, in 1992, it was decided to give an attendance allowance of one rupee per day to backward class girls. In the last 30 years, inflation has reached its peak, teachers’ salaries have also increased, many governments have come, there are education ministers, but no one has dared to increase the attendance allowance of girls by a rupee or two. 

State ‌Zilha Parishad In 1992, the then government decided to give an incentive allowance of one rupee per female student to increase school attendance. This scheme was started in the name of Kranti Jyoti Savitribai Phule who started the first school for girls. But 30  Even after a year, Savitri’s lekkis are being sold at one rupee only. Today, inflation has reached its peak and the cost of educational materials has also gone up a lot. A stick in a pen costs more than a rupee. However, till date no government has decided to increase the allowance of female students. 

Meanwhile girls belonging to Scheduled Castes and Tribes below the poverty line from classes 1 to 4 are given one rupee for attendance. The scheme started in the name of Savitribai Phule had its silver jubilee year last year. Then the government forgot to increase this allowance. Even today, the same type of incentive allowance given to girls as it was 30 years ago is the type of wiping the mouth with leaves. Since 1992 till date there has been no increase in this incentive allowance, it has come to light that even this rupee is not being received on time. As there is no effort from the education department to increase the incentive allowance in the scheme started in the name of Savitribai Phule, the students are suffering losses. So now the parents are demanding that the government stop the mockery. 

Surely there should be an increase… 

There should definitely be an increase in the incentive allowance received by the students. But no efforts are made for this from the senior level. People’s representatives need to follow up regularly.  Government should think about what comes in one rupee in this world of inflation. It is necessary to increase the incentive allowance on financial criteria. At least ten rupees per day incentive allowance should be given. During the period of 30 years, there was a huge increase in the allowance of MLAs and MPs. Pay Commission came into effect. However, there was no increase in educational allowance. Feedback is being given by the teachers and parents that the education department is making us feel poor by paying one rupee. 


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