World Cancer Day 2024: Cancer can be checked like this.. This year's theme is..

World Cancer Day 2024: Cancer can be checked like this.. This year's theme is..

World Cancer Day 2024 Theme : Cancer is the leading cause of death worldwide. In 2020, more than one million deaths were caused by cancer worldwide. In 2022, nearly 20 lakh people will die of cancer in India. It is in this context that the World Cancer Day is organized every year to make people aware of this deadly disease. Now let's know things like cancer factors, factors affecting cancer, what theme is coming up this year. 

Risk Factors

Cancer It occurs when certain cells in the body grow uncontrollably and spread to other parts of the body. Risk factors for cancer include tobacco use, prolonged alcohol consumption, unhealthy habits, lack of physical exercise, exposure to air pollution, and use of chemicals. Many chronic illnesses increase the risk of cancer. It is difficult to prevent different types of cancer caused by different reasons.

It is in this context that solving the risk of cancer has become a challenge for the respective countries. Moreover, due to the lack of proper awareness among the people, many are dying due to reasons such as delay in diagnosis, burden of treatment. Even in developed countries, lack of awareness about cancer leads to delay in diagnosis. Only a few people get treatment and beat cancer when they are suspected. 

Influencing Factors

The literacy rate greatly affects cancer. Although the literacy rate in India is good, awareness about cancer is still low. Some are unable to cope with the burden of treatment and die. That's why experts say that if you notice any change in your body, you should go to the doctor immediately. Otherwise, they say that one or two times in a year, the whole body should be checked. 

If cancer is detected early, it will be very easy to reduce it. Some people think that cancer screening, prevention and treatment will not decrease without proper understanding. But if you identify the problem early and get treatment, you can get better results if you make lifestyle changes. In the midst of not knowing these things, the risk of cancer increases among the lower class. That is why awareness conferences are organized on Cancer Day. Creates awareness about early detection, prevention and treatment of cancer. 

World Cancer Day Theme

Each year on Cancer Day there is a theme. are following This year they came with the theme Close the Care Gap. This is a continuation of the 2022 theme. This theme helps to prioritize cancer prevention, care, invest in treatment, and achieve a cancer-free world. People are told the importance of early detection and encouraging preventive measures. This theme is being promoted between 2022 and 2024 (World Cancer Day 2022-2024 Theme). This is the third and final year under this theme. 


Although many types of cancer cannot be prevented.. Cancer can be controlled with a healthy lifestyle. can do This can be avoided with some changes. can be avoided. But if you want to make any changes in your lifestyle, you should consume more fruits and vegetables and less processed food. Eat nutritious food. Regular exercise should ensure a healthy weight. Tobacco should be completely avoided. Alcohol can be taken in limit. If possible, it is better to avoid it altogether. Sunscreen should be applied when going out and working in bright lights. Better to stay away from chemicals. Vaccinations should be taken against viruses that cause cancer. 

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