WHO praised the Maldives – do you know why?

WHO praised the Maldives – do you know why?

The World Health Organization has announced that Maldives and Sri Lanka have achieved complete control of hepatitis B disease. A team of experts has announced that most of the children in these two countries have completed the recommended doses of hepatitis B vaccine, and this has been confirmed by recent serological surveys. Appreciated and congratulated them.

WHO South-East Asia Region‌ An expert panel reviewed resistance in children in Maldives and Sri Lanka to verify hepatitis B control. According to this review, hepatitis B vaccine coverage is more than 90 percent.

Experts also reviewed the results of the national survey for the year 2022-23. Based on these details, the expert panel concluded that these two countries meet all the necessary criteria to confirm hepatitis B control. Dr. Supamith Chunsuttiwat, chairperson of the Southeast Asia Hepatitis B Control Expert Panel, expressed his congratulations confirming this. have achieved Now newly Maldives and Sri Lanka have joined them. Preventing hepatitis B infection in childhood can significantly reduce long-term problems such as liver cancer and cirrhosis. There are 11 countries in particular in this program. The total population of these countries can claim to be a quarter of the world's population. About 60 million people live with chronic hepatitis B in these regions. 2,18000 people die from hepatitis B and C every year.

In 2016, the South East Asia Regional Immunization Technical Advisory Group adopted a regional target for hepatitis B control to reduce the prevalence of hepatitis B to less than 1 percent of children under 5 years of age. There is.

The pentavalent vaccine is given to children in the first year in three doses. Eight countries in the region offer a birth dose of hepatitis B vaccine to newborns. Pentavalent vaccine during covid 19  Coverage of the 3rd dose dropped significantly but then increased to 82 percent in 2021.

Experts say home deliveries are a major obstacle to increasing coverage of hepatitis B birth doses. WHO Regional Director Dr. Khetar Pal explains that it is not possible to give hepatitis B vaccine to children born at home. Experts suggest that publicity and awareness are essential for effective hepatitis B vaccine coverage.

Hepatitis should be prevented and treated as well. In addition to vaccination, safe injection and safe blood are the most important in prevention. Dr. Khetar Pal Singh has explained that it is very important to create awareness about these.

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