Wearing Makeup During Exercise : Are you wearing makeup while going to the gym? But there is a heavy price to pay for your beauty

Wearing Makeup During Exercise : Are you wearing makeup while going to the gym?  But there is a heavy price to pay for your beauty

New Study on Wearing Makeup During Exercise : It is natural to want to look beautiful even while exercising. Some influencers and actors wear makeup to look good even in the gym. Wearing make-up with the intention of looking good is not correct. Skin care experts are not saying this.. Scientists are saying this. A study they conducted found that wearing make-up while exercising can harm skin health. What does makeup have to do with gym? Now let's find out why it damages the skin. 

Open pores are damaged..

Usually when exercising, the skin pores expand. But if you wear make-up, the make-up will clog the pores and not enlarge them. This prevents the body from releasing healthy oils. Wearing foundation while exercising can change the size of skin pores. Due to this, the production of sebum decreases and affects the health of the skin. This causes skin damage.

Study on students..

Sukho Lee of Texas A&M University, San Antonio, and his colleagues.. This study on 43 college students. studied. 20 of them are boys and 23 are girls. Participants in this study first washed their faces with a cleanser. The researchers then measured skin variables in different areas of their faces, including their skin pores and sebum production. After that, a layer of foundation was applied on their faces like forehead and cheeks. 

Sebum production decreases..

After applying makeup, they 20 minutes of moderate exercise. He did the gym less without trying too hard. Run on the treadmill. After the exercise was completed the researchers again repeated the various skin measurements. Compared to those without makeup, it was found that sebum was reduced in areas with foundation. He said this is a good example to show that the use of make-up during exercise can have harmful effects on the skin. It is written in the study that it will be blocked.. This will show negative effects on the production of sebum. Due to this, there is a high chance of acne. Moreover, it has been revealed that it irritates the skin. He said that the shades of old age will come soon.. Skin rash and irritation will come. He said that those with skin problems should not use foundation at all while going to the gym. It will make the condition worse. It shows the effect on those who do less exercise but.. it doesn't show much.. Mostly, long term exercise, gym, athletes wear make-up more effect on them. 

For natural glow.. >

Not wearing make-up while exercising makes the skin glow naturally. He said that the natural glow will be more.. and it will prevent aging shades from coming quickly. He said that if healthy drinks and foods are consumed after exercise, they also show good effects on the skin. Experts say that if you also have a habit of wearing make-up and light make-up while going to the gym, it is better to leave it immediately. If you have been suffering from skin problems for more than a thousand years, you should visit a dermatologist.

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