Tips to Control Stress : If you follow these tips you can reduce your stress in just 5 minutes

Tips to Control Stress : If you follow these tips you can reduce your stress in just 5 minutes

Stress Reducing Tips : Don't Stress When you are under stress you should try to reduce it. Otherwise the pressure will increase and you will have to suffer. It will depress you emotionally. It disturbs your day-to-day activities. Apart from this, you will suffer physically too. So if you are stressed about anything.. here are tips to reduce it in just 5 minutes. These tips will put your mind at ease. They also reduce stress and promote relaxation. 

Drink water..

Drink a glass of water when you feel stressed. It works effectively in reducing your stress. Staying hydrated is essential when stressed. If you become dehydrated, it will worsen your stress levels. It leads to fatigue, high stress every reaction. Regular drinking of water increases stress, anxiety and depression compared to people who drink less water. work as Slowing down your breathing will trigger a response in you. So take a deep breath through your nose. Hold it for a few seconds and let it out slowly through your mouth. It calms your nervous system. So you will get relief from stress. 

Listen to music

The song you like shows a positive effect on your emotions. It helps in reducing your stress. Many studies have also proven that music can reduce stress. So when you feel very stressed you can listen to good music. It improves your mood. 

Aroma therapy..

Aroma therapy reduces stress. According to a study published in the National Library of Medicine, scented candles provide you with psychological benefits. Reduces stress and anxiety. So you can try flavored candles like lavender, eucalyptus. These will reduce stress and give you peace. These will give you comfort and help you relax. 


Work sitting all day? But you walk for 10 minutes every hour or 4 to 5 times a day. Walking can improve your mood when you're stressed. Fresh air, natural light, physical movement can improve your emotions. Walking helps you to clear your mind and understand the surroundings. 


Child Pose is very effective in reducing stress. . It helps in reducing the stress on the back of the neck, shoulders and waist. This asana allows you to focus on your breath and the physical sensations in your body. It will give you good results physically and mentally. You can do this asana when you are stressed.. or every night before going to bed. Because it also improves your sleep a lot. 

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