The health department has suggested precautions to be taken in summer, if you follow these precautions you will not get sunburned

The sun is burning in March itself. And how severe it will be in the month of April and May can be estimated. When summer comes, it affects the health a lot. People who walk in the sun can get sunburned. Also many people lose appetite, lose energy and become weak. In this context, the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has advised them about the precautions to be taken and the things not to be done during the summer. If everyone follows these, they can maintain health from summer. They suggest staying indoors especially during the day and avoiding direct sunlight between 12 noon and 3 p.m. Priority should be given. Drink plenty of water every hour throughout the day. Ayurveda also says to drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water every day. It is very good if you soak keradosa, lemon and mint leaves in water and drink that water. The body stays hydrated and does not get dehydrated easily. 

Salty drinks
Salt and sugar should be balanced in our body. Excess salt is lost due to sweat. That is why it is important to drink lemon water with some salt in summer. It is also very good to drink buttermilk with salt added to it. It is better to add some salt instead of sugar while drinking fruit juices.  The sugar and added salt in fruits are both available to the body.  Also keep ORS nearby. It is important to drink ORS with water immediately, even if the tongue feels numb or dull. 

Fresh fruits
In summer, oranges, melons, lemons, mangoes, keera dosa are high in summer. The Ministry of Health suggests eating fruits with high water content. 

Avoid those drinks
If you have a habit of drinking these coffee-like drinks, it is important to avoid them both during hot summers.  You should also stop drinking alcohol and cool drinks. These contain high amounts of sugar and caffeine. These allow the body fluids to flow out. This causes the body to quickly become dehydrated.

No Protein
Studies show that high protein foods take longer to digest. So avoid high protein foods in summer. Generally, when the sun is high, the digestive process slows down. So it is better to eat foods cooked with fresh vegetables.

No leftovers
Rice and curries left over at night should not be eaten in the morning. Avoid eating stale foods. This is because when the weather gets hot, bacteria can grow quickly in foods. Consuming this can cause problems like stomach infection. 

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