Telugu Recipes: Make barfi like this with powdered milk for kids

Telugu Recipes: Make barfi like this with powdered milk for kids

Telugu Recipes: There are many mothers who think about what to feed their children in the evening. A healthy recipe for such people is this milk powder barfi. Milk powder contains many nutrients. By making burfi with these, all those nutrients reach the body. Moreover, we add almonds, pistachios, cashews, raisins, cardamoms etc. in this barfi, so they also get the nutrients from these dry fruits. It is very easy to make. Let’s see how.

Milk powder – two cups 
Sugar – one cup 
Cashew nuts – a handful 
Almond flakes – gulp
Pistachios – gulp 
Raisins – ten 
Cardamoms – three 
Ghee – two spoons

Preparation like this
Grind all the dry fruits taken here. Put a pan on the stove and pour sugar and a cup of water in it. Boil till the string becomes caramelized. After the string paste comes, reduce the flame and add the milk powder and mix it slowly. Make sure not to get stuck. Add almonds, pistachios, raisins, cashews and cardamom powder to it and mix. Now spread ghee on a plate and spread this mixture all over the plate. Garnish with pistachios, almonds and cashews on top. After cooling, cut them into pieces and keep them in a container. These will stay fresh for days if kept in the fridge. Children also find it very tasty.

This milk powder is made by turning milk into powder. It is used in making chocolates. Milk also contains many nutrients. Amino acids, proteins, vitamins and minerals are available. It also contains some fat. That is why it should not be consumed in excess. Almonds, cashews, raisins and pistachios are very nutritious. We put them in excess so the children will eat those nuts. All of them get the nutrients that those nuts provide. Eating these nuts is very healthy both mentally and physically. Almonds contain essential amino acids for our body. They have the property of protecting against infection. It also keeps the heart healthy. It is also rich in fiber, carbohydrates, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin A, calcium, manganese, and folate. It is good to make these as barfis and serve them to children who do not like to eat nuts. Eating these nuts can prevent cancer cells from growing in the body.

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