Palm Sunday 2023: When is Palm Sunday or Khajur Sunday, what is the importance of this day for the people of Christianity, know

Palm Sunday 2023 Date and Importance: The month of March-April is very important for people from Hindu, Muslim to Christian community as well. This month marks the beginning of the Hindu New Year Vikram Samvat, major Hindu fasts and festivals like Chaitra Navratri and Ram Navami take place. According to the Islamic calendar, it is the 9th and holy month of Ramadan, in which the people of the Muslim community keep fast, while this month is very special for the people of Christianity.

This month is very holy and special for the Christians because this month is Good Friday and Easter. This is considered a major and big festival for Christians and Palm Sunday or Palm Sunday comes in between. This year Palm Sunday is on 02 April 2023.

What is Palm Sunday

This Sunday is very special than other days. Also, this day is a religious day for the people of Christianity. Holy Week begins with Palm Sunday and ends on Easter. In South India, Palm Sunday is known as ‘Passion Sunday’ Also called. Special prayers are organized on this occasion, songs are sung, Bible is read and people go to church. On this day people use palm leaves.   

Significance of Palm Sunday

It is said about Palm Sunday in the Holy Bible that, when the Lord Jesus reached Jerusalem, a large number of people stood to welcome him waving palm branches in their hands. Therefore, Palm Sunday or Palm Sunday is celebrated every year in memory of this day and Jesus is welcomed before being crucified.

Key Points About Palm Sunday

  • The days from Palm Sunday to the following Friday and Sunday are considered very holy. The Friday following Palm Sunday is Good Friday and the Sunday Easter is Easter.
  • On Palm Sunday, Christians welcome the day by singing songs celebrating the arrival of the Lord.< /li>
  • It is said that when the Lord Jesus reached Jerusalem, he asked his disciples to bring a donkey, on which he traveled further.
  • People eat dates for Palm Sunday. The branches are taken to the church and songs are sung in the joy of the arrival of the Lord. That’s why it is also called Palm Sunday.
  • The arrival of Lord Jesus to Jerusalem was a joyous occasion for Christians. But at that time they did not have any special things for decoration. That’s why people welcomed Jesus with palm leaves and branches. That’s why this day is called Palm Sunday.
  • From the day of Palm Sunday, the process of worship, devotion and songs starts in the church, which continues till Easter.
  • < li>The leaves of the palm branches used on Palm Sunday are kept for a year and are burned the following year to make ash, which is used on Ash Wednesday or Ash Wednesday.


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