Soup for Weight Loss: Healthy soup for weight loss. Perfect recipe for dinner.

Soup for Weight Loss: Healthy soup for weight loss. Perfect recipe for dinner.

Ragi Soup for Weight Loss : When we think of ragi, Java is what we remember. Many like them. Others include more of them in their diet for health benefits. Copper powder is taken in the form of various dishes to reduce the heat especially in summer. It is said that it is soothing.. and provides various health benefits. If you also want to include copper in your diet.. you can try copper soup for dinner. 

Copper soup is a good dinner for you if you are planning to lose weight. It also provides many health benefits. Not only health benefits but also gives you a good feeling in taste. And how to make this healthy dinner recipe? Now let's know what kind of food to take. 


Copper flour – 1 cup

Onion -1 < /p>

Carrots – 2

Lettuce – half cup

Beans – half cup

Cabbage – half cup

Sweet corn – half cup

Ginger – inch

Garlic – 2 cloves

Water – 4 cups

Lemon juice – 2 tbsp

Ghee – enough for soup

Salt – enough to taste

Pepper – pinch powder

Coriander – for garnish

Method of preparation

First grate the vegetables thinly and set aside. Garlic and ginger should also be cut into small pieces. Now light the stove and place a large bowl on it. Add ghee to it and heat it. Now add grated ginger and garlic in it and fry it. After they fry a bit, add onions to it. After they are cooked.. Add the cut carrots, cabbage, beans, sweet corn and cover it.

After the vegetables are cooked, add four cups of water and mix well. Then add salt and pepper powder to it and mix well. Now keep the stove on medium flame until they boil. Now take a bowl and put copper powder and water in it and mix it well. Keep the blended mixture aside. When the vegetables are boiling, add the mixed copper powder. It should be kept stirring with a spatula as long as it is being poured. Only then it will be well prepared without lumps. 

Now reduce the flame and cook until the copper powder is cooked. After that turn off the stove and add lemon juice to it and mix well. Finally, this soup can be garnished with coriander. It can be taken as your dinner at night. It is also good to take it early in the morning. Besides, you will get many helpful benefits with this one soup. Experts say that this soup works well in weight loss. The vegetables in it provide your body with the nutrients it needs. And why delay any more, make this healthy recipe and enjoy it. 

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