Safalta Ki Kunji: Staying away from these two things gives immense success, Lakshmi ji’s blessings

Safalta Ki Kunji, Motivational Thoughts in Hindi : The key to success says that to get success in life, one should always keep some things in mind. Sometimes you have to work hard to achieve the goal. One should not panic in this situation. Success comes only through hard work. No goal is difficult for the one who understands this very well. 

Frustration- The key to success says that a person fails many times even after working hard. One should never get discouraged in this situation. Desperation leads to a weakening of self-confidence. It is very important to remain confident in achieving the goal. So don’t get discouraged when small problems arise.

disappointment- The key to success says that  one should not despair, keep trying continuously. Sometimes success comes late. One who accepts defeat in the middle of the goal, he can never taste success. One should always be patient to achieve the big goal. In haste and over enthusiasm, sometimes things go wrong.

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