Safalta Ki Kunji: ‘The horse gets spoiled without turning and the soldier without fighting’, the secret of success is hidden in this proverb

Safalta Ki Kunji, Motivational Thoughts in Hindi: The key to success says that it is very important for a person to be aware of his abilities, talents and duties. When a person starts forgetting these things, then he starts running away from success. Achieving success in life is not an easy task. For this you have to work hard. Knows the importance of hard work, he also gets the blessings of Lakshmi ji, the goddess of wealth. Such a person also gets respect and respect.

Folks or sayings tell the simplicity and beauty of the language. There is such a saying, ‘Without a round the horse deteriorates and without a fight a soldier’. The secret of success in life is hidden in this proverb. The meaning of this proverb is that if a person is not given an opportunity to do his work, then his talent is of no use to anyone. The way a horse is not rotated, the horse forgets its ability. It becomes difficult to use it. In the same way, if the soldier is not trained in warfare, then the talent of the soldier becomes in vain. Therefore, one should try to keep improving his talent continuously.

Discipline- The key to success says that one must follow strict discipline to utilize their talents properly. Following discipline, provides success in life. Discipline destroys laziness. In the Gita, Lord Krishna says that laziness is such a demerit, which keeps a person away from the goal.

Complete the task on time- The key to success says that one should also know about the usefulness and importance of time. One should start the work on time and try to complete the work on time. With this, the person who completes all his important tasks on time, he definitely gets success. Such persons are easily able to achieve their goals.

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