Relationship Tips: Priyanka and Kajol also had this problem after marriage, know how to adjust, these tips can come in your work

Relationship Hacks: It is said that after marriage the second phase of life begins. With this, it is natural to change in life. Then you have arranged marriage or love marriage. This change is not only seen in the lives of common people, but also in the lives of stars. The stars themselves admit this. Many times he was seen talking about his marriage in public events. In which it is openly told that after marriage the responsibility automatically increases. It’s not just a matter of responsibility. There was also an emotional attachment. Which along with two couples gets automatically attached to their family. The stars have also faced many changes and challenges after coming to the married status. He has brought things related to the experience of some such stars, which he himself shared. Do you know that new married couples can take some useful tips from them, while relating their talk..

The feeling of ‘me and mine’ fades away after marriage: Shahid 

Trying to reduce the difference makes the relationship stronger 

Care matters the most in a relationship
Actress Kareena Kapoor belongs to Punjabi family and Pataudi family is known for elegant nature. Especially, Kareena Kapoor’s breath Sharmila Tagore. She herself has been a superstar. Also known for its elegant nature. In such a situation, when Kareena Kapoor entered the Pataudi family, everything was different for her, so Kareena also handled all the relationships very carefully. Sharmila, while praising her daughter-in-law in a show, told how whenever she goes to her house, Bebo always asks her what she would like to eat? Also, if she messages, then Kareena is the first to answer them. Kareena never even tried to come between Saif and his first wife’s children, instead she herself worked on improving relations with them. Care matters the most in a relationship. Taking care of small things makes the person in front feel your attachment and emotions. These things may not seem like anything, but because of this any relationship can be strong.

Communication plays an important role in maintaining a relationship

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