Relationship Hacks: After breakup, every girl is like Priyanka Chopra, know what Priyanka said?

Relationship Tips: Loving is easy, but keeping it is very difficult. Due to many reasons, fights and quarrels start increasing between the couples, then they are left with no other option but to breakup. However, taking the decision to separate is very sad for the couples. After getting used to the partner, living without him makes every single moment very difficult. Even many times people are not able to stop themselves from going towards depression. Something similar was said by international icon Priyanka Chopra, when she forgot herself after the breakup.

losing career

blaming oneself
There is no doubt that the partners suffer the most when any relationship ends. Who can love the end of a relationship? But when two people are involved in a relationship, then both of them are also responsible for not handling the problems that occur in it. 

Assume everything is over

Moving towards Bad Habits

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