Relationship Advice: Before becoming a couple, become friends of each other, these are the benefits

It is said that if you are in a relationship with someone then it is very important to have love in that relationship but the more important thing in a relationship is that you should be friends with each other because if you If you are good friends before being a couple, then your understanding will be very special. So let’s know why it is important to be good friends along with being in a relationship with your partner. 

There is no restriction in conversation

< p>If you want to have a good relationship with your partner then it is very important to have friendship between you two because if you are good friends then you can openly say any thing to each other. It brings a transparency between you and makes your relationship stronger. 

Battles are put on the brakes

All things are intertwined There are. If your bonding is good then there will be no hindrance in the conversation between you and when you will be able to talk openly then there will be less fights between you. If you and your partner are good friends, then even the battles between you are negligible. 

bonding is very special

if you are in a relationship Along with being in good friends, your bonding is obviously going to deepen even more so that you and your partner come closer. In such a situation, it is very important that you become good friends before becoming a good couple so that there is always freshness in your relationship. 

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