Relationship Tips: Before marriage, definitely ask this question to the husband, so that the sweetness remains in the relationship

Relationship Tips : Marriage is a responsibility and many responsibilities related to it keep getting added automatically after marriage, so it is very important to understand the seriousness of the marriage relationship and consider every aspect related to it. So that there is no problem later in the relationship. There are some topics before marriage, which are better to be discussed before marriage, so that there is no dispute later. 

Basic nature of you and your future partner
Every person’s thinking and nature are different, but can you both live with each other’s thinking? Either one or both of you are too egoist, angry or stubborn, either too backward or too old-fashioned, too expensive or too stingy, or not too suspicious. Overall you need to understand each other’s basic nature to know whether mutual harmony will be possible or not.

Opinion on family planning
This is a question that most girls want to ask, but due to family pressure, hesitation from partner, they are not able to ask. However, such girls should understand this thing in such a way that this question can make your career and future life happy. So how many children do you want from your partner? What kind of life should children have? Or do not hesitate to ask what are the goals in life regarding family planning. 

household responsibilities
Time to settle down and Patience is needed the most and it becomes most difficult for those people whose lifestyle is very busy. Such relationships last for some time, but over time their burden hollows out the feelings of both the people. In such a situation, if both of you are ready to get married, then it will also be right to divide the responsibilities of the house.

what do you and your family members also think about career, what is your opinion about pursuing career after marriage, what kind of support from each other Want, decide these things in advance so that there is no dispute later.

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