Red Ant Chutney : Tasty chutney with red ants.. GI tag has also been given to this desi dish.

Red Ant Chutney : Tasty chutney with red ants.. GI tag has also been given to this desi dish.

Red Ant Chutney Benefits : Generally, when we see ants, we think that they eat um. Especially the fear of red ants before they see them. In such a region they make a tasty and spicy chutney with red ants. If you think that this is somewhere in China, they eat the same way, it is a mistake. This happens in Odisha, India. Now why this has become a hot topic.. They are making chutney but.. it also got GI tag. What is so much in that red ant chutney to get the GI tag has become the main topic. What exactly is this red ant chutney? Why does it have a GI tag? Now let's find out what are the benefits of this.

Red ants chutney..

Mayurbhanj district of Odisha is famous for its forests. So there are more tribals in this district. They depend on the forest for their livelihood. As a part of this, they collect the red weaver ants that are widely found there and make a living by selling them. If you think that these ants sting, you are wrong. If you do, you will get big blisters. But these things have become a habit for the tribals there since time immemorial. These ants and their eggs are collected by the tribals.. cleaned and made into chutney. Chutney is made with spices like salt, green chillies, ginger-garlic. This is called 'Similipal Kai Chutney'. It has a hot, sour taste. One such chutney got the GI tag on 2nd January 2024. 

How did it get the GI tag..

Red weaver ant chutney (similipal kai chutney) ) means that although it is a bit strange and strange.. it has many nutritional and medicinal properties. This chutney is famous for its taste and nutritional value. Keeping this in mind, Mayurbhanj Kai Society Limited has applied for GI registration of Similipal Kai Chutney under the Geographical Indications of Goods Act, 1999 in 2020. Highlighting the uniqueness of chutney.. this was applied. After evaluation of the application.. it was accepted.. this chutney was officially named in the classification of food products. It is rich in nutrients like proteins, vitamins, minerals, calcium, zinc, iron, amino acids. Many studies have shown that it plays an important role in the development of the brain and nervous system. Effective in managing depression, fatigue, memory loss. By taking it regularly, the tribals meet their nutritional needs. It boosts immunity against diseases. It relieves rheumatism, skin problems and stomach problems. 

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