Prawns Side Effects: Prawns that took the life of a young woman – is it a threat if these precautions are not followed?

Prawns Side Effects: Prawns that took the life of a young woman – is it a threat if these precautions are not followed?

Prawns Negative Health Effects: Recently a tragic incident happened in Kerala. A 20-year-old woman died of an allergy due to eating prawns. This incident was discussed all over the country. Nikita from Palakkad dined on prawn curry. She developed an allergy shortly after eating it. Fell seriously ill. Immediately her friends took her to the hospital. Although the doctors treated her, they could not save her life. She died while being treated in the ICU.

Many health benefits of prawns, but..

Experts say that prawns are as good as they are for health. It is said that if you do not follow precautions while eating prawns, you are sure to lose your life. They want to be vigilant about eating prawns. Prawns are indeed a fortifying food. Selenium and Omega 3 fatty acids in it are very beneficial for health. Removes fat accumulated in blood vessels. Vitamin B12 in it helps the brain to work actively. It also helps in making the skin beautiful. Vitamin C in these increases the immune system in the body. However, there are more risks than benefits with shrimp. If you are careless, there is a possibility of losing your life.

Shrimps can also kill you!

Shrimps mainly cause itching and allergy on the skin. If it is more severe, it can be fatal. So how can shrimp cause allergies? Shrimps have black blood vessels on their backs. Remove the prawns while cleaning them. These contain highly hazardous toxic and waste materials. Improper disposal of these causes food poisoning. A severe allergy occurs. This condition is called eczema or atopic dermatitis. It should be noted that brown spots on the skin are the most dangerous. Bumps form on the body and itchiness worsens. Eyes, mouth and skin are more itchy. This is followed by respiratory problems and chest pain. If you feel tired or dizzy, you should go to the doctor immediately. Otherwise lives will be at risk.    

There is no danger in the long run!

If you eat shrimps that have not been properly cleaned once, you may not have any problems. But, these wastes remain in the intestines. Toxins remain in the form of chemicals. They destroy the intestines, along with the digestive system. Gradually, skin rashes and respiratory problems arise. Finally, they will kill you.

Clean the shrimp carefully

The better you clean the shrimp, the better. Wash them in cold water first. Head, tail and legs should be removed. Remove the black blood vessels around the prawns. Finally add salt and turmeric and clean them. After that it is better to cook and eat.

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