Doctor Eats Cow Dung: Doctor who eats cow dung .. See what he said if asked the reason

We know that some people drink cow urine (cow urine) for that disease. However, a doctor from Haryana is eating cow dung like rose jam. Become a doctor who knows all things How to do it yourself? If asked .. & lsquo; & lsquo; Doctor & zwnj; so eat. What do you know about the health benefits of this? & Rsquo; & rsquo; Dr. Manoj Mittal, a pediatrician (pediatrician) from Karnal district in Haryana, recently mentioned the benefits of cow dung in an online video. If you say .. never mind .. he put the dung in his mouth and ate it all at once. The video went viral and drew criticism. He was scolded for saying it was a stink job. Mittal, however, defended his actions, saying that cow dung was a traditional Indian medicine that could cure diseases such as cancer and Kovid-19. However, so far this has not been proven experimentally. Even doctors do not recommend it. Moreover .. manure is a waste of the stomach, it contains a lot of bacteria, how can you say that eating them is good for health. & Nbsp;

However, Mittal says that cow dung is very good for health. He said that eating manure has many benefits for body, mind and soul. & lsquo; & lsquo; Every part of the cow’s panchagavya is of great value to mankind. If we eat cow dung .. our body and mind will be very pure. Even our soul is without defilement. Once it enters the body, it cleanses the whole body. & Rsquo; & rsquo; Explained. & Nbsp;

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& lsquo; & lsquo; Our mother eats cow dung to break her fast. Women eat cow dung. Cesarean section to give birth Also not required & rsquo; & rsquo; He said. Mittal .. If you eat cow dung like you eat bread .. there has also been some support on social media. Several comments were also made that he was gaining an understanding of ancient Indian medicine. Some, however, were incensed that he was propagating his madness like this. The Indian Medical Council is taking the matter seriously and is demanding the revocation of his license. As a pediatrician, it is said that children are more likely to be told not to use manure.

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