Pnig Pong: Do you have these health problems? Play 'ping pong' – because?

Pnig Pong: Do you have these health problems?  Play 'ping pong' – because?

People who exercise regularly can get rid of many diseases. Not to mention the games. Some games make the body stronger. However, a disease that has been plaguing many people in the recent past, ‘Ping Pong’ The game has become a boon. It has been observed that the symptoms of multiple sclerosis and Parkinson's disease have decreased due to this game, which is similar to table tennis.

Parkinson‌ Relief from?

Parkinson's is a brain disorder. Symptoms of this problem include involuntary body tremors, slowness of movement, and muscle stiffness. It is almost impossible to avoid it. Treatments are also not widely available. Day by day the symptoms become more severe and it becomes difficult to carry out daily activities. If the symptoms can be detected early, appropriate diet, exercise, physiotherapy, and some drugs can stop the disease from progressing quickly. But the results are much worse. It is an autoimmune disorder. In this problem, the body's own immune system attacks the spinal cord and brain tissues. Symptoms vary depending on the severity of the problem. Symptoms include fatigue, urinary problems, sexual problems, depression, changes in muscle function, and changes in mood. There are no complete treatments available for this, except that the condition can be controlled. In most cases, steroids control the patient's condition.

This is a solution for incurable disease

Multiple sclerosis and Parkinson's are both diseases that do not have a complete cure. These diseases cause nerve cells to break down. As a result, muscle control is gradually lost. Muscles become weak and stiff. But table tennis improves hand, eye coordination and muscle strength. It has an effect on both types of nerve degeneration.

Dr. AntonioBarbera, who has been suffering from multiple sclerosis since 2016, has been playing ping pong for several years. Clinical trials are being conducted to observe the changes in them. Ping Pong really challenges our brain function because of its high speed. Eyes, hands and feet have to work at the same time. It takes less than half a second to process and react to the way the ball arrives.

A separate study in 2020 found significant improvement in writing, speaking, and walking in Parkinson's patients after practicing ping pong for five months. Doctors are thinking of doing social prescription after observing these results. Activities like gardening, painting, cooking and other games are recommended by experts for people with these neurological problems.

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