Cough: Stopping when you cough? Do you know how important it is to cough?

Some people try to stop coughing when there are ten people around, be it in the office or in any ceremony. No matter how much you stop, the cough will not stop, it will keep coming. Stopping then is dangerous. It is important to cough freely. Coughing like that will also keep you healthy. Cough is a sign of respiratory illness. Also indicates trouble in the throat. We cough in an attempt to expel those troubles. Suppressing without coughing increases the problem but does not eliminate it.  

When we cough, the air in our airways is expelled the fastest. Due to this, some secretions in the lungs also come out along with the cough. Also, there is a possibility that phlegm that is blocked in the throat will also come out. So don’t stop when you cough. Better to go outside and cough for a while. If you don’t cough, unwanted secretions stay inside. So they can be expelled by coughing. 

Cough is also said to be a symptom of some diseases. That’s why cough should never be underestimated. If you have a cough for more than two days, you should definitely go to the doctor and take medicine. Otherwise there is a possibility of serious problems in the throat area. By knowing why cough occurs and using medicine for that problem, you can reduce the cough automatically. But it is an illusion to stop coughing and stop coughing by suppressing it. If it still does not decrease then consult a doctor. If your cough is caused by common bacteria, you can get rid of it by following some simple tips at home. Apart from that, if the cough is due to diseases, it is not reduced to the usual tips. You should consult a doctor

Home Tips
For a normal cough, steam can kill the bacteria and germs in the throat and nose. Also drinking honey mixed with hot water also gives good results. Lemon juice contains vitamin C. It increases immunity. Amla is also rich in vitamin C. If you eat these regularly, you will not get attacks like cough and cold. Drinking hot water with lemon juice and honey is very good for the throat. Cough also goes away. When you have a cough, you should avoid neems and spicy food. It is better not to eat non-veg. If you eat boiled eggs, fruits and greens, there is a possibility that the cough will subside quickly. According to Ayurveda, Mahattu Karakkaya is full of cough reliever. If you keep it on your cheek and chew it and swallow the bitter juice from it, the cough will subside easily in two to three days. 

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