Old Time Home Remedies : Do you know these home remedies? These are old but still effective tips

Old Time Home Remedies : Do you know these home remedies?  These are old but still effective tips

Home Remedies That Actually Work : If there are adults.. some home remedies are suggested when the family members are sick. Home remedies are used to treat minor injuries, colds and blisters. They also work effectively. Doctors also recommend them in some cases. Turmeric was applied when injured. Detal has come now, but back then they used to apply turmeric to wounds. It has anti-bacterial properties.. which helps in reducing the wound. Also Tulsi, ginger and honey found in the home premises are used to reduce various problems. 

Still these home remedies work effectively. Apart from using medicines every time, if you follow home tips from time to time, immunity will also increase. Are there ways to reduce headache and fever naturally without taking medicine first? Think that. But now let's learn about some simple tips that still work effectively for many types of problems. It is used more without cracking the lips. But it is also used for cracked feet. But did you know that it also works well in reducing water blisters? When wearing new shoes, blisters can occur for a variety of reasons. If they are left as they are, they will turn into ulcers. Then you can apply this petroleum jelly on the affected area to get relief. 


Aloe vera is used in many ways for hair and skin. But studies have shown that it is also a very good remedy for burns. But applying pure gel will give good results. As the packed gel contains chemicals.. the pulp of the plants in the house premises can be applied. 

For Diarrhea Problems

To control diarrhoea, eat green bananas. It effectively treats the problem of diarrhea. Its high potassium is said to be a good food for those suffering from diarrhoea. It is good to take it directly or mix it with other dishes. Also they provide better digestive health. 

For indigestion.. 

Many eat anise seeds after meals to avoid indigestion problems. There are still many people who take it regularly. Eliminates problems like constipation. 

If you have sinusitis

Sinus problem bothers many people. But to get relief from it.. you can use eucalyptus oil. Add eucalyptus oil to water..boil..turn off the stove..and let steam relax.Research has also proved that it helps in quick recovery from acute sinusitis. It also gives good relief to those who suffer from migraine problem. 


Cloves and clove oil are still a good medicine to get rid of tooth and gum pain. will say It removes the toothache and gives instant relief. That is why it has been used for centuries to get rid of dental problems. However, clove oil should be used with caution. Otherwise, gums and tooth pulp will be damaged. Clove oil provides instant relief. If the problem is serious.. a doctor should be consulted. 

With flaxseeds..

Fiber content is high in flaxseeds. It naturally relieves the problem of constipation. A study has also shown that if you take 2 tablespoons of flaxseed powder daily, the problem will decrease. It is best to take this powder or flaxseeds with water. Pregnant women should consult a doctor before taking these. 

Also more tips

Keira can be used to get rid of dark circles. These relax the eyes and remove dark circles. Lavender oil works well in reducing body odor. Ashwagandha can be used by those who suffer from sleep problems. It removes stress and fatigue. Cranberry juice keeps urinary tract infections away. Honey can also be used to heal wounds. It heals wounds faster. If turmeric is mixed with milk, cold and cough will go away. Many of these old tips can still be followed. But whatever should be followed.. It is better to follow the doctor's advice.

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