No Sugar Diet: Shocking Bollywood hero's 'No Sugar' diet – will it change if you give up sugar for a year?

No Sugar Diet: Shocking Bollywood hero's 'No Sugar' diet – will it change if you give up sugar for a year?

No Sugar Diet Benefits: Sugar is sweet. But, overdose is the real problem. Sugar has also become a part of our daily life. From drinking coffee when we wake up in the morning to desserts at night, we eat sweets in some form. Sugar is high in calories. That is why diabetic patients are advised not to use sugar and instead use other sweet substances. Avoiding sugar altogether is even better.  dietitians say that diabetes patients as well as health conscious people should not use too much sugar. 

Leminent Bollywood actor Karthik Aryan recently shared his diet secret with the media. He said that he has been abstinent from sugar for a year. He revealed some secrets that he uses alternative natural products instead of sugar for sweetness. He told what changes happened in his body due to this. Check it out. 

Positive results of quitting sugar:

Experts say that most positive  changes take place in the body due to quitting sugar. If you don't eat sugar in the beginning, you may feel a bit lethargic. Sugar withdrawal symptoms are similar to the withdrawal symptoms that occur when alcohol is suddenly withdrawn. Along with lethargy, it also feels a little difficult mentally. But the metabolism in the body increases. As a result, you get a chance to get rid of obesity. Also giving up sugar can be very beneficial as far as the skin is concerned. Medical experts say that those who suffer from skin allergies or acne can avoid the effects by giving up sugar. Your heart health will also improve. Especially lowers blood pressure. Apart from this, you can get rid of heart related diseases. A teaspoon of sugar contains 20 kilocalories of energy. Quitting sugar increases insulin sensitivity in your body. Thus, there is a chance to get rid of type 2 diabetes. Also, giving up sugar will improve your dental health. You can protect yourself from gum disease in particular. 

Mental health improves: 

Medical experts say that quitting sugar can improve mental health as well.  Inflammatory diseases are likely to occur if sugar is consumed in excess. Reducing sugar can help you get rid of these diseases. Karthik Aryan says he has maintained his health by using jaggery and other natural sweeteners instead of sugar. Sweets, cakes, cool drinks, energy drinks should be avoided to reduce sugar. 

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