National Immunization Day: The theme of National Immunization Day 2024 is this.. but why is this day being celebrated..

National Immunization Day: The theme of National Immunization Day 2024 is this.. but why is this day being celebrated..

Vaccination Day 2024 Theme : National Immunization Day is organized on 16th March every year to inform about the importance of vaccine across the country. It is also known as National Vaccination Day. As part of this, vaccination drives are conducted across the country. Moreover, awareness is created about the effects of taking vaccines and the risks of not taking them. Which vaccines should be taken? Experts also advise on at what age to get the vaccine. It is in this context that every year they come up with a new theme. What kind of theme are coming this year? Now let's know the importance of vaccines. 

Breast milk does not provide adequate immunity to children. At that time children have to suffer more. Various health problems trouble them. Sometimes it can even lead to disability. Prevents such problems.. Increases immunity. Vaccines help a lot in fighting antigens and protect children. These help in their growth and provide protection throughout their lifetime. 

Why vaccines are needed..

Vaccines are essential to prevent the spread of infectious diseases. Vaccines help in boosting immunity against various viruses and bacteria. This reduces the risk of infectious diseases. Vaccines help in protecting infants, the elderly, and the immunocompromised from various diseases. Moreover, vaccination is an inexpensive public health measure. It saves lives. Prevents long-term health consequences of infections. 

This day has been observed ever since..

16th March 1995 First dose of oral polio vaccination in India gave Since then National Immunization Day is held every year on this day. With this great program we were able to eradicate polio from the country. The World Health Organization declared India a polio-free country on March 27, 2014. 

Starting with measles.. 

Stopping measles which claimed many lives.. Only the vaccine has made it possible to control the corona virus that recently made everyone sit at home and put their lives in their hands. They increase immunity in the body and protect people from deadly diseases. Not only children but adults also need to get some vaccines. Vaccines play a vital role in preventing some deadly diseases.. even if they do occur, vaccines play a crucial role. 

Impact of vaccines on India..

Currently India has the most widespread immunization in the world. Executing the program. Vaccines are also included in areas where medical facilities are not good. Makes extensive publicity on the importance of the vaccine. Besides, making indigenous vaccines will give life to many. 

The theme of this year is..

The theme of National Vaccination Day 2024 is.. Female, Male They are coming up with the theme that vaccines work for everyone, regardless of gender..regardless of socioeconomic status. This theme highlights the need for safe and effective vaccines for our citizens. 

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